In Review: How to Draw a Rhinoceros

How-to-Draw-a-RhinocerosIn time for your fall reading lists, may I recommend Kate Sutherland’s debut poetry collection How to Draw a Rhinoceros? Because it’s good, and packed with pachyderms. And I mean, that cover.

Read my review for Arc here, and enjoy the remainder of summer, wherever you are.



In Review: Late Victorians

late-victoriansIf good poetry floats your boat, may I suggest Vincent Colistro? His collection Late Victorians came to me via Arc, and my review of this sparkling debut is now online here.

We’re all going to make it to spring, folks. It’s gonna happen.


An Interview: Created Here

Summer has got me seriously behind the 8 ball on news, but it’s high time I shared a lovely interview I got to have with my good friend and New Brunswick arts aficionado Marie-Hélène Morrell. Marie-Hélène is the founder of Created Here, a directory working to catalogue and connect creative-types from my home province. Her site is gorgeous, and her work is vitally important.

In June, she and I had a back-and-forth e-mail conversation that covered everything from day jobs to inspiration. Find it here or by clicking the logo below. Glam photographs by the very talented Chris Loh.