Somehow, it is September. There is no such thing as “enough summer,” but I hope the season gave you a decent amount of bike rides and beach days and lazy book-reading afternoons.


But – news!

I kicked off the fall-ish season with a lunchtime reading at The Paper Hound – a great bookshop tucked into Gastown. Much thanks to dear friend Kevin Spenst for having me read, and to the co-workers and friends who showed up in the pouring rain to hear poems! It was fantastic to try out a few new pieces. Photographic evidence below.


Photo credit: Natalie Thompson

Photo credit: Natalie Thompson

I’ve also been submitting reviews and poems and stories, so there should be some exciting news coming down the pipe in the near future. It tends to go in waves, I find – months of quiet and feeling unproductive, followed by a flurry of activity! Ah, seasons.

Wishing you the very best of almost-autumn!



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