Upcoming Events

Members’ Speaker Series

As a member of Green College, I’ll be reading some work alongside fellow resident writers on the evening of Monday, March 28th. Here’s the brief:

“Join second-year MFA in Creative Writing students Emily Davidson, Natalie Thompson, and Sigal Samuel, and first-year MFA Michelle Turner, in an evening of selected readings. Green’s resident writers will present a variety of original poetry and prose, and will discuss what goes into constructing a creative work inside the confines of an academic institution. This is your chance to see what writers get up to, and hear pieces from the outgoing Greenies’ thesis manuscripts. Be there, or be a dangling modifier.”

When: Monday, March 28th, 8:00pm
Where: Coach House, Green College, UBC

Brave New Play Rites

A partnership between the UBC Creative Writing and Theatre departments, Brave New Play Rites presents the work of emerging playwrights under the direction of emerging theatre professionals. This year features plays by many of my writer colleagues – and I have a small role! Check out Dylan’s Day on the Brave New website for more details, and come out to support well-written theatre!

Brave New Line-Up

When: March 30th – April 3rd
Where: Dorothy Somerset Studio, UBC


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